In the Words of Our Students

....the other day, we had one of our local troopers killed in a shooting.  Our team was responsible for locating and taking the suspect into custody.  I can't tell you how much I and the team appreciate your instruction and insight.  It is without a doubt that your lessons allowed our team to remain calm and take appropriate measures to ensure our safety.  Your lessons were well received and put into action.  Thank you again


Sergeant B. Drake

Elko Police Department, Elko Nevada

...we had a great time having the guys from ITC come out and train with us. We were able to exchange ideas and create really good two way conversation. We used to have a lot of military experienced people come train with us, but as you know, they are used to doing business a little bit different then us in the "civilian world". Looking forward to having you guys out again, or even having some of my team come train with you in Los Angeles.

Lieutenant Anthony Giampolo

SWAT Commander West Des Moines Iowa Police Department

I wanted to thank you, George and Steve for everything ITC has done. Last week I responded to a gunshot victim call. After finding the victim, I saw he was unresponsive with a gunshot wound to the leg that was bleeding excessively. Because of ITC's Tactical Medicine module, I was able to properly apply a tourniquet to his leg and stop the femoral bleed. After several rounds of CPR he was transported to Stanford hospital where I'm told he's expected to make a full recovery and the tourniquet is what saved his life. I just wanted to let you know that I'm grateful for you guys because if it wasn't for your Tac Med module, I would not have been able to take action so quickly. I reverted to my training and want to thank you guys.

Bryce Dale

Menlo Park Police Officer

"My team had the opportunity to train with ITC in a 3 day Armored Rescue Vehicle course as we recently purchased a Terradyne Gurkha. Rich and George were true professionals, showing in-depth knowledge of the vehicle and tactics in its employment. Not only were they great guys, they have a wealth of experience in practical application, covering topics from barricades in structures, vehicles, open air-overland searches, Hostage Rescue tactics, officer-citizen rescue, and many other low frequency-high risk types of incidents. Each member of the team was challenged with working outside their comfort zone and being assigned multiple roles in different scenarios. Training was conducted in an extremely safe manner with very clear objectives. We are already working on getting ITC back to conduct additional team training in the near future."

LT Jack Daniel

Klamath Falls (OR) PD - SWAT Commander

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