Course Descriptions

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High-risk Warrant Service

The bread and butter of tactical teams, this course provides in-depth coverage of all facets of high-risk warrant service, including extensive planning, service options, team member assignments, breaching options, use of diversionary devices, control of suspects, immediate crisis action drills and team movement.

This course will also cover extensively contingency planning of high-risk warrants that may become a barricade situation or even more complex, a hostage situation.

Hostage Rescue Course

This course will focus on concepts of hostage rescue to include crisis entry, deliberate planning, team movement, sniper deployment, team management, and team commander expectations. This course will cover in-depth, contingency planning and the mindset of both operators and command staff.

Barricaded Suspects

This course will cover in detail the methods used to resolve an armed/barricaded suspect. Team members will be exposed to team movement style, personnel management, breaching options, the use of canine, and the deployment of chemical agents.

Tactical Armored Vehicle Operations

***This course is California POST Approved***
This course will expose teams to the tactical capabilities of several different types of armored vehicles. ITC instructors will tailor the tactics to fit each agencies choice of armored vehicle. The course will focus on deployment methods of the armored vehicle, used to maximize safety for the team and civilians alike. Tactical situations requiring the use of an armored vehicle will be covered in depth.

This includes barricaded suspects, high-risk warrant service, hostage rescues, civilian evacuations, and rescue operations. The students will also be exposed to shooting platforms, personal equipment issues, and breaching options.

Tactical Team Movement

This course is designed to expose tactical teams to the “three man cell” style of movement that has been proven effective while conducting tactical entries. The style of movement can be utilized in all aspects of team movement from barricades, high-risk warrants, and hostage rescue.

Red Dot Sight Pistol Transition Course

This course will provide students with the information and hands-on experience needed to effectively use a handgun equipped with a pistol mounted optic (PMO).

This course will provide the student with the minimum topics of tactical firearms and lethal force required in the POST perishable skills program.

POST Approval Pending.

Advanced Long Rifle

This course is designed for those operators who have exposure or are currently deployed as a long rifle on their tactical team.

The course will refresh skills from the basic long rifle course and then expose students to advanced techniques such as long-range shooting, stealth deployment utilizing operational terrain, multiple weapon systems, night shooting, and median shooting.

Building a Swat Team

This course is designed to assist those agencies looking to build a tactical team or revamp one already in place. This course can assist single agency teams or multi-jurisdictional teams. The course will cover the following:

  • Justification for a swat team
  • Deployment of a swat team
  • Personnel selection
  • Weapons and equipment
  • Training
  • Leadership
  • Command and Control
  • Legalities
Tactical Canine Operator Course

This course is designed to expose the modern police dog team to training and communication concepts, enabling them to integrate with members of a SWAT/Tactical team successfully.

This course will expose the student to proper communication skills needed between the K-9 team, tactical operators and command staff, pre-deployment planning strategies involving tactical arrest teams, containment teams, entry team assignments, barricaded vehicle operations, hostage rescue operations, and high-risk area search missions.

Tactical Medicine Operator Course

This course has been designed for law enforcement personnel assigned to a tactical team with First Responder training only (non-medic).

Law enforcement tactical teams operating in the environment of high-risk tactical operations are subject to combat trauma, not unlike that found in the current global war on terror (GWOT). Utilizing the current Tactical Combat Casualty Care Guidelines, developed by U.S. Special Operations; the principles and techniques of treating combat casualties will be taught.

The course is designed to provide life saving care at the operator level. Tactical operators must be properly equipped and trained to deal with combat trauma beyond what they learned in Basic First Aid during Academy training.

Fire department paramedics cannot be relied upon to deliver timely life-saving interventions and they will not enter an unsecured area.

Getting a casualty to definitive care (trauma center) can vary from minutes to several hours depending on the tactical situation (N Hollywood Shootout, VA Tech Shooting, Columbine, etc). Utilizing the current Tactical Combat Casualty Care Guidelines, developed by U.S. Special Operations; the principles and techniques of treating combat casualties will be taught.

Emphasis is on self-aid and buddy-aid. The student will be issued an IFAK (Individual First Aid Kit), which will contain the latest state-of-the-art medical tools that address the leading causes of preventable death on the “battlefield.” The student will learn not only how to treat life-threatening injuries, but more importantly when to use the techniques during a high-risk tactical operation.

The course is taught through a combination of lecture/demo, practical application, and reality-based scenario training. The goal of the course is to empower the operator to treat casualties, prevent additional casualties, and complete the mission within the “austere” environment of law enforcement special operations.

Active Shooter Course

This course is designed to assist law enforcement first responders to an active shooter or other deadly threat either in the work place or areas frequented by the public.  This course brings additional exposure to barricaded subjects and/or hostage rescues that may become a by-product of an active threat. This course will go into in depth theories on movement styles to best deal with the unfolding crisis of an active threat.

SWAT School

This course is designed to expose students to tactics and techniques used to safely resolve high-risk tactical situations. Topics covered in depth will be barricaded subjects, high-risk warrant, hostage rescues, and team movement.

Students will also be exposed to less lethal options, chemical agents, diversionary device deployment, and an extensive firearms training program. This course can be modified to fit the needs of your tactical team.

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